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Color Box System

The innovative tinting colorants system

Technological innovation, respect for the environment, the fine quality of our service: the three guiding principles that have always inspired our production philosophy are also the essential elements on which we have based our "COLOR BOX SYSTEM®".

color box system

The combined use of highly concentrated, low environmental impact, multi-purpose and oxide-based tinting colorants allows us to create an infinite range of shades and hues, using minimum doses of pigment and thus containing the costs of the finished product.

The limited number of colorants and tintable bases designed for each single product makes the system interesting, both in terms of the initial economic investment required and also in relation to the subsequent management of warehouse stocks, providing a user-friendly, simplified, high-rotation solution.
This way of optimising the bases fails to compromise our high quality standards in terms of the coverage and performance of the tinted products, on the contrary, guaranteeing an entire system that provides maximum levels of flexibility and economic convenience.

Full range

The long experience we have obtained throughout the years has allowed us to build a selected range of colorants that are particularly reliable when used professionally on exteriors (UV-proof), making our products the ideal solutions for the widest range of requirements forwarded by designers in relation to chromatic matches (with reference to the “Olegium” Collection).

The range of tintable products in the system is exceptionally wide, complete and undoubtedly capable of meeting all market requirements.

Ffrom the latest decorating effects to the products designed to protect wood and iron (water and solvent-based solutions), the technical lines (quartz, elastomeric and acrylic products), products for restoration (silo-acrylics, limes and silicates) and mural paints for interiors and exteriors, the range offers all the cheapest, most effective and modern solutions available.

Max precision

The tinting colorants are dosed using automatic or manual volumetric dispensers, with technical characteristics that ensure maximum precision in the dosing phase and enable the same colour to be reproduced accurately at a later date; modern, high-performance equipment with a high production capacity that is simple to use and  extremely cheap to maintain.

Color Box System ®

The accurate “database” of formulas present in our software and our efficient technical assistance service allow us to rapidly meet all kinds of colourimetric requirements with precision and accuracy, including those relative to colour references provided directly by our customers. (

Technical data

Multi-Purpose Colorant

Multi-purpose tinting and oxide colorants, with a low environmental impact, characterised by an intense tinting strength and excellent resistance in case of outdoor use.

  • • intense tinting strength
  • • maximum fade-resistance
  • • excellent resistance in case of outdoor use (Outdoor use)

AXX - Light yellow 1 Lt 1 pz
B – Black 1 Lt 1 pz (Outdoor use)
BG - Cobalt Blue 1 Lt 1 pz (Outdoor use)
C - Yellow Oxide 1 Lt 1 pz (Outdoor use)
D - Phthalo Green 1 Lt 1 pz (Outdoor use)
E - Phthalo Blue 1 Lt 1 pz
F - Red Oxide 1 Lt 1 pz (Outdoor use)
HSE – Exterior red 1 Lt 1 pz (Outdoor use)
I - Brown Oxide 1 Lt 1 pz (Outdoor use)
KX – White 1 Lt 1 pz (Outdoor use)
LA - Umber 1 Lt 1 pz (Outdoor use)
R - Bright Red 1 Lt 1 pz
T - Medium Yellow 1 Lt 1 pz
V – Magenta 1 Lt 1 pz (Outdoor use)
YG - Exterior Yellow 1 Lt 1 pz (Outdoor use)

(Outdoor use) recommended for exteriors